October 16 - 19, 2014

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2013 Film Festival Awards:

2014 Film Festival Entries:

What the filmmakers are saying:

“I just wanted to thank you for having us at the Atlanta Horror Film Festival.  You and your entire team of volunteers were so welcoming and gracious from the moment we stepped onto the Goat Farm.  From the warm reception, to the incredible venue, to the high caliber of work screened, to the delicious wine...we all had a truly memorable weekend.   It was especially nice to find VAMPIRE VAMPIRE VAMPIRE VAMPIRE so well received.  You really highlighted our work by playing it two nights!  What an unexpected and exciting touch.   We will certainly be recommending the Atlanta Horror Film Festival to all of our friends and hope to return soon.” Alyson Weaver from “Vampire, Vampire, Vampire, Vampire”

“It was really nice meeting you and the gang. What a great group of people! I really had a blast talking with everyone, as well as catching a number of the films you'd screened. And once more, thank you so much for showing The Feed!”  Steve Gibson from “The Feed”

“Had an incredible time at the Atlanta Horror Film Festival this weekend! Great crowds, fun films, made new friends, and won the raffle for John Landis' new book "Monsters In The Movies"! Most fun I've *ever* had at a horror film festival! Thank you so much to you for treating the Take Me Out team like rock stars (including scheduling two additional screenings), the awesome staff of volunteers, and the Goat Farm Arts Complex for hosting!” Michael Harper from “Take Me Out.”

“A HUGE thank you to the Atlanta Horror film Festival everyone there was great...and it was an honor to be included in such a great batch of films!!! “  Richard Greenwood Jr. from “Hinnon Valley”

We had a fantastic screening at the Atlanta Horror Film Festival. I'd like to thank everyone who attended the screening, and I would also like to thank everyone at the fest” Ron Mclellen from “And All Through the House”

Just wanted to write you a short note and tell you what a great weekend I had in Atlanta. I saw so many great films!  And I was honored to be a part of it and especially honored today to find Burn had won an award.  What a great festival! It was great meeting you and the others involved in the festival and I'm excited to keep in touch.  Thank you again for inviting me.”

Jerry Pyle from “Burn”

The 8th Annual Atlanta Horror Film Festival presents the very best independent films from across the world as we celebrated the art of horror from October 16 -19, 2014.

Since 2006, the festival has been a favorite of filmmakers and fans from Atlanta and beyond. Our focus is to celebrate independent cinema, and we strive to feature as many great films as we can during this great week of screenings.

AHFF showcases horror, sci-fi, gore, thrillers, supernatural, dark comedies, animation, expERIEmentals, drama, cult - almost every genre you can imagine!

Although we love traditional horror, we are not attempting to create the typical showcase of blood and guts. AHFF presents cutting-edge films that represent the new face of horror - films that audiences can’t and won’t forget

2013 Atlanta Horror Film Festival Awards

Best Feature

Motivational Growth

dir. by Don Thacker

Best Horror Feature

The Cohasset Snuff Film

dir. by Edward Payson

Best Comedy Feature

They Will Outlive Us All

dir. by Patrick Shearer

Best Foreign Feature

The Extraordinary Tale (of the times table)

dir. by Laura Alvea, José F. Ortuño

Best Drama Feature

Clean Break

dir. by Tricia Lee

Best Thriller Feature

On Air

dir. by Carsten Vauth, Marco J. Riedl

Best Short Film


dir. by Jessica Curtright, Santiago C. Tapia

Best Horror Short


dir. by John Northam

Best Drama Short


dir. by David Yohe

Best Foreign Short


dir. by Carmen Falk

Best Foreign Horror Short


dir. by Mathew Watkins

Best Animated Short


dir. by Iria Lopez

Best Thriller Short


dir. by Van Alan

Best Supernatural Short

The Secret Keeper

dir. by Bears Fonte

Best Comedy Short


dir. by Robert Boocheck

Best Sci-Fi Short


dir. by Boaz Ephrati

Best Mocumentary

Nosferajew 2

dir. by Mitch Yapko, Allen Rueckert

Best Local Short

Agent on Duty

dir. by Tripp Gorman

Best Gore Short

Bariku Light

dir. by Asier Abio

Best Short Short

Welcome Wagon

dir. by Jessica Lee Wright

Audience Choice

Hennes Svarta Vingar

(Her Black Wings)

dir. by Martin Åhlin

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