Local Shorts Program

128 min. total running time

Screens Saturday, October 19, 2013 at 3:30 pm

Zombie Socks Series 1: Episode 2 - The Undead Hunter

(5m, U S A) dir. by Elizabeth Stacy

The Zombie Apocalypse has come and gone with life returning to normal. The government has figured out how to capitalize on the leftover undead wandering about. They utilize the Undead Rental Corporation to catch the zombies, clean them up and rent them to the living for all sorts of purposes

Agent on Duty

(12m, U S A) dir. by Tripp Gorman

A newlywed couple looking for a new home get more than they bargain for when visiting an open house for a killer deal they found on the web.

Family Reunion: The Dream of a Blessed Spirit

(15m, U S A) dir. by Benjamin Gardner

Stephen and Kara are a sexy successful couple with a healthy relationship. Great Uncle Chris, who they haven't spoken to in years, has always fancied himself a filmmaker, and now hopes with his nephew and niece's natural talent he'll finally complete his life's masterpiece. There's only one problem - they've been sleeping on the job!

Welcome to the Bubs

(10m, U S A) dir. by Tony Reames

The Apocalypse has happened. Survivors have managed to find a way to domesticate the undead. and now humanities survival depends on everyone's favorite zombie family, The Bubs.

The Trap

(25m, U S A) dir. by David Rosinger

Fred and Mildred thought they had put their worries behind them when they moved into a beautiful old house in a sleepy little town. They had no idea what lay in store for them one afternoon when two young con artists came calling.

The Percipient

(28m, U S A) dir. by Erick Kaslov

Times have been hard for Jack and his mother and sister. Jack the youngest child at 9 years old has taken the loss of his father in the war in Afghanistan the worst. Their once peaceful lives have now turned into a a cursed nightmare.

Mr. Snuggles

(23m, U S A) dir. by Byron Erwin

A shy information extractor finds his inner voice when he uses ventriloquism to impress his nefarious employers, until his dummy decides to go solo.

Bait (10m, U S A)

dir. by Jared Young, Raymond Carr

A desperate father uses his willing young son as bait to rescue his wife from a monster conjuring cult.



Motivational Growth

(105m, U S A) dir. by Don Thacker

film website & trailer

Ian Folivor, depressed and reclusive, finds himself taking advice from a fungal growth after a failed suicide attempt. The Mold, a smooth talking chunk of aspergillus born from the filth collecting in Ian's neglected bathroom, works to win Ian's trust by helping him clean himself up and remodel his lifestyle. Ian attracts the attention of a neighbor, Leah, and begins to receive strange messages from his broken TV that make him realize that The Mold may not be as helpful and well intentioned as it seems to be. Strange characters with even stranger events cast Ian's life a sharp relief in the shadow of an epic battle between good and evil that Ian is only partially aware of.

Screens Saturday, October 19, 2013 at 9:00 pm




Clean Break

(80m, Canada) dir. by Tricia Lee

film website & trailer

For Cam Dawson and his two roommates, Scott and Dan, life is a constant party; there are no rules, no boundaries and, most importantly, no commitments past the morning after. It is the perfect living arrangement, until Scott meets Tracy. Tracy will stop at nothing for the perfect relationship, and when the rules of the house get in the way, she shows Scott's roommates that while one-night stands are fleeting, you can take love right to the grave.

Screens Thursday, October 17, 2013 at 7:00 pm





(120m, Russian Federation) dir. by Roman Romanovsky

Dialogue in Russian / Subtitled in English

film trailer

A young scientist, trying to avoid the military, chooses alternative service to teach in an orphanage located in an ancient manor house. By coincidence, several people that worked in the office before him died in a strange ways. As events spiral downward, the young man realizes that there is a reason he was brought here...

Screens Wednesday, October 16, 2013 at 7:30 pm.




On Air

(95m, Germany) dir. by Carsten Vauth, Marco J. Riedl

dialogue in German / Subtitled in English

film website

Doc Rock is the host of pirate radio station 'Nighthawk'. His favorite topic: the Nightslasher - a serial killer that haunts the town. Doc gives him bad names, mocks him and challenges his listeners to call in on: 'How hard can it be to prevent the slasher from slaying his next victim?' A bad idea! Just a moment later...the Nightslasher is on the phone line and he forces Doc Rock into a deadly game: If Doc manages to prevent him from killing the victim during the rest of the radio show, he will let her go. Doc Rock has to dig up his innermost secrets...and there is no chance to escape, because the killer is closer than he ever imagined. The struggle for survival is ON…AIR.

Screens Sunday, October 20, 2013 at 7:30 pm




They Will Outlive Us All

(73m, U S A) dir. by Patrick Shearer

film website

View the Film Trailer

New York City. 2016. In the years since Hurricane Sandy, the city has been brought to its knees by a series of 'Frankenstorms.'

Roommates Margot and Daniel attempt to survive this 'new' New York by avoiding it at all costs. But with the advent of three strange deaths in their Brooklyn building, the world they've been hiding from is knocking hard on the back door. And the arrival of a surprise visitor starts a chain reaction that will drag them kicking and screaming from the comfort of their couch. They soon discover that the salad days of getting drunk and watching horror movies are behind them, because they have a new roommate, and he's got a real bug up his ass.

It's time for our heroes to kill their TV, lay off the booze and put out the roach... Or all of New York City could fall into the clutches of something that can't even clutch.

Screens Friday, October 18, 2013 at 9:00 pm


The Extraordinary Tale (of the times table)

(80m, Spain) dir. by Laura Alvea, José F. Ortuño

film website

This is the old story of 'boy meets girl', 'boy falls in love with girl', 'girl suffers an obsessive-compulsive disorder', 'girl commits heinous crime', 'boy and girl live happily ever after'. A dark comedy about love, marriage, motherhood and death. In that particular order.

Screens Sunday, October 20, 2013 at 9:00 pm



Sci-Fi Shorts Program

90 min. total running time

Screens Sunday, October 20, 2013 at 6:00 pm


(25m, Denmark) dir. by Balder Skånström-Bo

Mads is living on the brink of deadly apathy in the aristocratic family mansion. He moves numb through life until the day his doctor prescribes him a trip out into the 'real world'. Here Mads' undiscovered fondness for absurd vulgarity and voluminous violence is awakened, and his life can begin.

The Feed

(15m, U S A) dir. by Benjamin Berger

In a future when computers are integrated into our brains and endless information flows before our eyes, society has become numb and lifeless. The various problems that come with digital technology incessantly torment the mind of Dr. Tobin, a man who facilitates the computer-brain integration as his profession. His only solace is in connecting with one of his special patients, which allows him to find peace. Dr. Tobin is ultimately forced to decide whether to perpetuate this human-computer symbiosis, or to break the cycle and give human nature a chance.


(15m, U S A) dir. by Michael Usry, Ryan Roy

An average suburban housewife tries to stop her neighbor from going on a rampage after he witnesses a gruesome attack.


(5m, Israel) dir. by Boaz Ephrati

the end is here.planet earth is quickly collapsing on itself.this is the perfect time to experience everything you have not had a chance to. 18 year old Messiah amzaleg has to get his driver license, has to get into a fight,and one more thing.something he did not plan on. during the world's last five minutes,all moral boundaries between Messiah and his caring mother dissolve.awareness of the coming and absolute end is causing everyone to let loose every border,and forget any restraint.

Identity Theft

(13m, U S A) dir. by Bryan Baca

Shayne Edwin, a young man raised on technology, finally 'meets' the girl of his dreams. But when strange occurrences begin to take place he finds he may not be the only one interested in her.

The Secret Keeper

(17m, U S A) dir. by Bears Fonte

A secret is a precious commodity. If a person can seal their secrets away, and live guilt free, they can truly be anyone, do anything. Somewhere, sometime in an alternate future or past that vaguely resembles the styles and prejudices of our late 1940's, The Secret Keeper provides clients with that very opportunity. But who keeps The Secret Keeper's secrets?


Thriller Shorts Program

84 min. total running time

Screens Thursday, October 17, 2013 at 5:30 pm

Desert Road Kill

(17m, U S A) dir. by Michael Carreno

One in seven hitchhikers is potentially dangerous. A family on their way home from an outing pick up a hitchhiker with surprising results.

Movie Madness

(11m, U S A) dir. by David Swinburne

Rickey Tracester receives the invitation of a lifetime: an exclusive screening of his favorite movie director's lost film. But when Rickey arrives at the premiere, he's in for a surprise he won't ever forget.

Searching Serenity

(13m, U S A) dir. by Rustin Rogers

A 13-year old paranoid schizophrenic boy struggles to connect with his family while reality and fabrication intertwine with every thought.

Girl At The Door

(11m, U S A) dir. by Colin Campbell

After a night of rough sex with a beautiful woman, a man is surprised when she keeps returning and replaying the events of the night over and over again exactly, word for word.


(15m, U S A) dir. by Van Alan

A young family living in the Pacific Northwest encounters a dark, supernatural presence when their son goes missing in the nearby forest. But all is not what it seems in this haunting short film.


(8m, China) dir. by François Chang

Are you ready to die for love?It's a question often asked between the lovers.A serial killer is looking for young couples in the 'most romantic city':Paris. And give them a chance to prove this question by a simple game: Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Mullet Gut

(10m, Australia) dir. by Steven Boyle

Two lifelong friends in their twilight years seek retribution against the schoolyard bully who tortured them as children.


Foreign Horror Shorts Program

94 min. total running time

screens Wednesday, October 16 at 5:00 pm


(15m, Spain) sub. by Pepe Botias

Carlos is not a normal child. He suffers strange attacks incomprehensible to his parents.  Out of fear his parents  lock him in the cellar. A mystery that holds ancient legends and jealousy in the dark years of post-war, God-fearing Spain.


(7m, New Zealand) dir. by Mathew Watkins

A father fights to save his daughter as a mysterious man disposes of a body

Next Exit

(14m, United Kingdom) dir. by Benjamin Goodger

A young woman is given a lift home from a wedding by an apparently friendly stranger. But the mood quickly darkens leading her to a destination she could never have imagined


(16m, Sweden) dir. by Marcus Kryler, Fredrik Åkerström

Sophie lives alone with her mother on a desolate farm in the middle of nowhere. A place that hides a secret far worse than she could have imagined.

Behind The Bush

(12m, France) dir. by Yoann Luis

In an isolated farmhouse, a couple with a difficult relationship take care of their nephew. In an oppressive and violent atmosphere, the adoptive parents will push him to strange practices.

The Breeder

(11m, Malta) dir. by Patrick Vella

A cyclist stops by a vending machine to buy a drink. Little did he know that his destiny will turn to other tragic paths.

You missed Sonja

(20m, Germany) dir. by Félix Koch

Rick Hardin, a voyeuristic author of thriller-novels witnesses a crime at night at a lonely gas station. He decides to help, but after this night, he would wish never to have stopped there.

Animated Shorts Program

60 min. total running time

Screens Friday, October 18, 2013 at 6:30 pm


(8m, United Kingdom) dir. by iria lopez

Jose is a teenage pig living in a Spanish town, and he is the only pig in his family. One day a new neighbour moves in next door, and Jose starts to come to terms with who he really is.

Lady And The Tooth

(8m, United Kingdom) dir. by Shaun Clark

When the most precious commodity in society are teeth there is only one way to conquer love.

Abyssus Abyssum Invocat

(9m, U S A) dir. by Wes Simpkins

The surreal and macabre story using stop-motion animation and live-action puppetry to create a darkly comic meditation on capital punishment and religion.

Baby, I Love You.

(2m, U S A) dir. by Falyza Jafri

A young girl is confronted by her dark side.

Galactaron - First Contact

(4m, China) dir. by Owen Dennis

A Chinese-American college student finds an inquisitive alien rock band has landed on the frozen lake near her home.


(5m, U S A) dir. by Jared D. Weiss

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, a creature and his dog find a radio with a signal that may lead them to the first sign of other life they've encountered in ages. But is the chance to find new life worth leaving the only home they have?


(3m, Israel) dir. by Alex Blau

A man rebuilds himself physically to fulfill his urge

Bless You

(2m, Australia) dir. by Philip Watts

An architect in the skies tires of his creation and decides to spice things up a bit.

Сухая трава в синей вазе

(Dry Grass in a Blue Vase)

(5m, Russian Federation) dir. by Maria Ivanova

After the unexpected death of her husband, she was the last who knows about the secret, that had been kept for centuries.


(7m, Argentina) dir. by Ariel Lopez V, Nano Benayon

Buenos Aires is invaded by a group of zombies. The plague grows, spreading fear and desolation in the city, and reaches the peak in the Nineties.

The Monster Infant:An Experiment in Revivication

(6m, Canada) dir. by Neil H Warren

Even a 'little monster' can find love and happiness.



Comedy Horror Shorts Program

93 min. total running time

Screens Friday, October 18, 2013 at 7:30 pm


(7m, U S A) dir. by Robert Boocheck

A Texas goat rancher must defend his double-wide trailer from a mysterious predator.


(11m, U S A) dir. by Ryan Denmark

Kathy is a mature, professional woman who still sleeps with her cuddly teddy bear Vincent. One night, when a burglar invades, Kathy's home comes alive with magical surprises. To his horror, the intruder learns that not everything is as it seems and Vincent may not be so cuddly after all.

Welcome Wagon

(5m, U S A) dir. by Jessica Lee Wright

Despite the new neighbor's bashfulness, the landlady bombards him with treats and threats of best friendship. She is so well dressed, so crazy with happiness and her life is seemingly perfect that it makes you wonder what her true intentions are...Enjoy this sickeningly sweet, gruesomely morose tale of a shy panda and his landlady.

The Meeting

(16m, Canada) dir. by Karen Lam

In a weekly meet-up, four serial killers confess their sins, hoping for redemption. But all hell breaks loose when a newcomer decides to join...

The Closet

(1m, U S A) dir. by Tony Reames

A little girl keeps hearing something in the closet.... what could it be?

'Til Death

(20m, U S A) dir. by Jason Tostevin

A short horror comedy about four unhappily married husbands who wake up to a gruesome surprise the night after killing each others' wives - 'Til Death.

Juice Of My Heart

(4m, U S A) dir. by Carol Rhyu

It's hard to get a little respect these days... A jaded waitress finally gets revenge.

Nosferajew 2

(29m, U S A) dir. by Mitch Yapko, Allen Rueckert

Nosferajew is a half hour mockumentary series about Maury Feinstein, a neurotic Jewish vampire un-deading among the living on suburban Long Island, and his daily interactions with friends and family. It's Twilight meets Modern Family, with a kosher twist.



Foreign Horror II Shorts Program

93 min. total running time

Screens Sunday, October 20, 2013 at 4:30 pm

The Plan

(13m, Israel) dir. by Daniel Fallik

After years of self-neglect, Ben looks back on an important decision in his life through the twisted memories of a disturbed man.


(7m, Australia) dir. by Carmen Falk

Left alone with her psychotic grandmother, a young girl steps into a nightmarish world of fear, loneliness and hunger. She is faced with a choice- stay safe or find food.

Schulanfang, Achtung Kinder!

(Beware of Children!)

(15m, Switzerland) dir. by Ares Ceylan

A couple believes to have accidentally run over a young boy with their car, but quickly realize that they have stumbled into a dangerous trap.

Hennes Svarta Vingar

(Her Black Wings)

(29m, Sweden) dir. by Martin Åhlin

A man who lives alone in a cottage finds a beautiful and naked woman passed out outside on his meadow. He attempts to help her but soon realizes something is terribly wrong with this woman and what she brings with her.


(3m, United Kingdom) dir. by Toby Meakins

A Collector repairs a vintage cine camera unlocking the hidden terror of LOT254

The Girl

(16m, Ireland) dir. by John Hayes

Sophie finds herself alone and visited by a young girl whose language she doesn't understand. Yet the bond that develops between them sees Sophie's long dormant maternal instincts rising to the surface. Sophie may finally have her little girl. But is she a gift or a curse?

Bariku Light

(10m, Spain) dir. by Asier Abio

Feliciano is eating french fries with light mayonnaise while he is watching TV. It's a boring Friday night until he begins watching sex... He becomes crazy and begins a history of blood, sweat and mayonnaise.



Atlanta Horror Film Festival Quick Guide:

October 16 - 20, 2013

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Mammal Gallery:

5:00 pm - Foreign Horror Shorts One

7:30 pm -  ZVENO

9:30 pm -  Horror Shorts


Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Mammal Gallery:

5:30 pm  - Thriller Shorts Program

7:00 pm - CLEAN BREAK


Friday, October 18, 2013

The Mammal Gallery:

6:30 pm - Animated Shorts

7:30 pm - Comedy Horror Shorts Program




Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Mammal Gallery:

3:30 pm - Local Shorts Program



Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Mammal Gallery:

4:30 pm - Foreign Horror Shorts Two

6:00 pm - Sci-Fi Shorts Program

7:30 pm - ON AIR


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2013 Venue:

All Screenings Held at:

The Mammal Gallery

91 Broad St. SW

Atlanta, Ga 30303



$5 per screening

Tickets for each show are available at the door 30 minutes prior to screening, first come basis.



The Cohasset Snuff Film

(101m, U S A) dir. by Edward Payson

View the Film Trailer

In 2009, the small town of Cohasset, Massachusetts was rocked with tragedy. A 17-year-old high school senior named Collin Mason murdered three classmates. All the murders were videotaped and uploaded to the Internet via bit torrent sites and for three days, the world viewed the murders of these three innocent teens. Through legal action, the parents of the victims were able to remove all footage from the Internet and the town tried to save face by pretending it never happened. Bootleg copies of this footage are still passed around and downloaded through illegal means. The impact of this video is still being felt in Cohasset today. The video has become infamous, and is now referred to as The Cohasset Snuff Film.

Screens Friday, October 18, 2013 at 10:30 pm




More 2013 Festivals:


More 2013 Festivals:


October 16 - 20, 2013

Horror Shorts Program

100 min. total running time

screens Wednesday, October 16 at 9:30 pm


(9m, Canada) dir. by John Northam

In the night, the spirits of the dead return. Sometimes they try to take us with them to the other side. Simon's mother wants him back...

The Yellow Ribbon

(16m, Spain, U S A) dir. by Marques-Marcet Carlos

Around her neck she always wore a yellow ribbon. She accepted to marry him only with two conditions: he would never ask anything about her past or anything related with the yellow ribbon.

The Devil's Snare

(7m, U S A) dir. by Jennifer Nicole Stang

A man visits a graveyard one night, and is confronted by the Devil. The Devil asks the man to prove his existence, and the man has to find a way to prove to the Devil that he is, indeed, alive.


(15m, U S A) dir. by David Yohe

Metamorphosis is a much darker retelling of Franz Kafka's classic providing a look into a modern family's reaction to their teenage son's revelation of his new identity, a hideous, human-sized cockroach.

The Devil's Bill

(8m, Canada) dir. by Amir Aghelnejad

An ambitious young Senator is faced with a chilling choice offered by the Ultimate Politician. They always said political progress would require sacrifice...

Air Conditions

(34m, U S A) dir. by Ryan Oliver

An air-conditioning repairman is lured onto the roof of a desolate building, deep in the industrial yards of Chicago. Trapped, he faces his doom while watching his captor's grizzly plans unfold before his very eyes.


(11m, U S A)  dir. by Jessica Curtright, Santiago C. Tapia

A person makes himself at home for a nice weekend (inspiration drawn from 'A Day With the Boys' Palme d'Or Nominee Cannes 1970, starring a young John Gulager). Produced by Efren Ramirez.